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Angus & Julia Stone are a brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Both Angus and Julia have distinctive vocal styles. The Sydney Morning Herald's Bernard Zuel described their vocals as such: "Her voice has a fractured feel like Jolie Holland; his has a smoke-on-the-beach drawl." UK journalist Johnny Sharp stated, "Most impressive, though, are the songs - simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile."

After he heard their debut EP - The Beast - Fran Healy from UK band Travis, invited them to his house to record. The resulting EP, Heart Full of Wine, was released in February 2007. Julia also provided backing vocals for the track "Battleships" on Travis's 2007 album, The Boy with No Name.

2007 saw the release of the debut album, A Book Like This. A Book Like This has gone gold in Australia. The album has been released in the UK, across Europe and USA.

Angus & Julia currently divide their time between Australia and the UK. They have toured nationwide around Australia and gigged extensively in the UK and Ireland, including support slots with The Magic Numbers and a winning display at The Latitude Festival..