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AntiProduct is a rock 'n' roll band consisting of five people (three girls, two boys), born in four different countries, that cannot boast of sounding, being or looking like any other band... ever! Combining elements of punk, arena rock, metal, and hyperbolic radio friendly pop played with a nihilistic contempt for everything safe and average, AntiProduct is fast becoming one of the most talked about bands in the rock 'n' roll underground worldwide. The near legendary AntiProduct live experience ("Britain's Best Live Band," raves the Daily Mirror) has seen them tour the UK, Japan, USA, and most of Europe several times with Ozzfest, Twisted Sister, The Muderdolls, The Wildhearts, The Damned and Hanoi Rocks among others. They’ve been called on by Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee Marky Ramone himself to perform chaos inciting sets, featuring AntiProduct versions of Ramones classics with Marky playing drums!

Their relentless DIY touring schedule (averaging over 150 shows a year) has built the band a devoted and rabid worldwide following, APRA (AntiProduct People's Rock Army), whose dedication to the band is renowned to rival the band's itself! And you're all in for a treat....Antiproduct have a new drummer. It’s none other than Greg D'Angelo of White Lion, Zakk Wylde band and one of the founding members of Anthrax! Warped clown smiles, Day-Glo penises, devil horns, tunes with BIG riffs and even BIGGER choruses. Sex, bleeding (although not at the same time folks ), audience/band fights, and concrete floor/vocalist’s head interactivity. Oh, and alcohol, lots of it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of AntiProduct.