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They have described themselves as "The UK's most Cumbrian rock band", and indeed there is something of the windswept moor to their sound: gusts of noisy guitar, echoing vocals, thunderous drumming. It touches on the explosive post-punk of Joy Division and Wire, but is packed with fresh ideas. New single The Spirit Of St Louis pays simultaneous tribute to Iggy Pop and Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly across the Atlantic. "Using hardly anything, they both caused a sensation," explains Yan, as if this was the most straightforward concept in the world. "Lindbergh got in his little plane with some wrapped-up sandwiches and a compass. Iggy Pop played this really basic rock."

At a time when moments of wild inspiration are few and far between in rock music, British Sea Power are laden with initiative. In the past year they have had more original ideas than most bands have in their careers. Their sell out gig in Cyprus Avenue for the June ’05 Bank Holiday Weekend was a concert that will be remembered in Cork for years to come.

MOJO - "stadium-sized melodies and exquisite songwriting"

Q Magazine - "Unabashed whimsy merges seamlessly with melodious garage rock"

NME - "Out of this world"