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Cathy Davey is not the kind of girl who does things in a traditional way. After only 4 gigs she locked herself away for 5 years, working on her album and refusing to do any showcases in spite of the keen interest her demos attracted. She rarely listens to music and instead of reading books she fills her own with ideas for new projects.

Influenced by PJ Harvey, Tom Waits and Kate Bush, the Dublin singer has developed her own unique sound. Powered by spiky guitars, even spikier lyrics and a powerful exuberance, 'Something Ilk' is crammed with atmospheric and memorable songs which has the kind of creeping sonic and lyrical power that The Doors would be proud of.
'Something Ilk' was recorded with Ben Hillier (Blur, Elbow) at Rockfield Studio in Wales. While there, she bumped into both Supergrass and Graham Coxon, who were so impressed, the asked her to support them on their respective European tours!