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'I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused' is an album of words and melodies that whisper and shout defiantly at the constant disappointments that litter our lives.

On his recent tour this "four and a half minutes of bile" was extended closer to eight minutes and had audiences from Brighton to Glasgow mesmerised as he ran around the stage like a man possessed utilising guitars, percussion and half inched technology to create an intense and impassioned performance.

Any attempts at modern comparisons don't quite get to the heart of David Ford and whilst he's got a soft spot for Ryan Adams, to find his actual peers you have to go back to some of the great curveball mainstream mavericks of melody, romance and inventiveness - artists such as Todd Rundgren and Tom Waits. Not that David Ford cares all that much for comparisons - he's too busy moving forward.

Q magazine -
"...the calling card of a major talent. bewitching"