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Haymarket Riot is a Chicago, Illinois based post-punk/rock band that was formed in 1999 by Mike Bennett, Kevin J. Frank, Fred Popolo and Billy Smith. The current line-up consists of Chris Daly, Kevin J. Frank, Fred Popolo and Brian Wnukowski.

Haymarket Riot features ex-members of Gauge, Traluma, Radio Flyer, Big'N, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Six Of One Half Summers, Just A Fire, Neutrino, Orwell, Hubcap, The Sky Corvair, Dempsey, and the Traitors. Brian Wnukowski also is the current drummer for Cougars. Kevin J. Frank is also the current drummer for Milwaukee's Chariots Race.

Most notable albums are Bloodshot Eyes (2001) and Mog (2004). Since 1999 Haymarket Riot has toured North America, Europe and Japan.

On April 7, 2009 Haymarket Riot released its third full length album titled Endless Bummer. Early sessions for Endless Bummer were recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL March 8-9, 2008. Overdubs were done from April 7, 2008 - May 27, 2008 at Studio Greg Studios II in Chicago, IL by Greg Norman. Mixing was done November 22-23, 2008 and December 15, 2008 by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio. Mastering was done January 28 - February 8, 2009 by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL. Endless Bummer contains 9 songs and was released on CD and as a digital download. The CD version is a limited pressing with hand silk screened covers.