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Hope is Noise are a four piece made up of friends who really should know better. they have played together in different bands for many years until in early 2005, they choose this name and decided the type of sound/songs they wanted to make.

Since then Hope Is Noise have played all over Ireland. They have featured in IMRO Showcase 2006, Murphy's Live 2006 and Hard Working Class Heroes Festival 2006. they have played with many great bands including Waiting Room, Blink, Ten past Seven, Hostile Comb-Over, Snowblood. In 2005, they were voted 'Best New Cork Band' by the Cork Independent.

They have released 2 EP's to date, 2005's "Words to Burn You" and 2006's "The Worm has Turned".

"Applaud Friends...The Comedy is Over", is Hope Is Noise's debut album.

HOTPRESS - "A band capable of threading enough melodic riffs through their agressive hard rock to make it more than accessible..."