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Originally hailing from Chatham, Kid Harpoon began to play live locally at venues such as The Tap & Tin and Command House. He became more and more well known locally and featured on the Urban Fox Press compilation CDs on which early recordings of Fathers and Sons and Tunnels were aired. He relocated to Holloway, North London, to pursue his music and became a regular at local venue Nambucca.

The first official release of Kid Harpoons's career was the "Riverside" single, released on 7 inch and CD on independent label Brikabrak in 2006. The single, which featured the b-side "It's Time", received acclaim from NME and particularly Drowned in Sound . The follow up to this, The First EP, was released on October 22, 2007 on vinyl and on CD. The Second EP was released on February 18 2008, again on both formats.