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Throughout 2005 a phenomenon stirred London’s bars and disparate venues in the form of Twickenham troubadours Larrikin Love, as their wildly eclectic and wonderfully ambitious travelling carnival caused a sensation everywhere it touched; earning a considerable word of mouth fan base in the process. It is important to remember, however, that Larrikin Love are not simply another ‘London band’ as many have tried to pigeonhole them. They’re a band without geography and all the connotations that can come to belonging to a particular ‘scene.’ Speaking to anyone involved with Larrikin for a second will reveal a startlingly refreshing ambition to break with convention.

Originating as a creative outlet for Edward Larrikin’s literary aspirations, songs such as debut single ‘Little Boy Lost/Six Queens’ are grounded in a real sense of poetry and a feeling of rebellion, of upheaval and of escape from the monotony of our nine-to-five society. It is therefore understandable that comparisons with Shane Macgowan and even Morrissey have been levelled at Edward, yet as one poster on a message board aptly put it ‘The words are less Morrissey and more Wilde.’

The perfect musical backdrop for Edward Larrikin’s tales of romance and whimsy is created by Micko Larkin (guitar), Alfie Ambrose (bass) and Coz Kerrigan (drums) who achieve the considerable feat of making three men with three instruments sound like a raggedly riotous orchestra, for whom no musical discipline seems to be a step too far. In fact, the best testament to the originality and vitality of the wonderful, jaunty, stomping racket created is that it is quite impossible to define with a single word or phrase. Larrikin Love are for every time, everyone and everywhere; but most importantly – for here and for now.

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