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Known to us all as the sandal wearing, piano playing lead vocalist of the Hot House Flowers, the band once described by the Rolling Stones as “…the best unsigned band in the world.” Liam O’ Maonlai is a musical master whose raw energy and exuberance is best seen when he entertains alone. It is then when he can amble the streets of his musical mind with a freedom to impart all the musical pleasures he has absorbed over the years and immerse the audience in a musical deliverance of unequivocal genius.

With a love of all that’s rhythmic and the road, Liam seeks out the heart of the people and there he finds the ceol to which they set the story of their lives. In Australia he was adopted by an aboriginal family who welcomed the shaggy haired musician into their precious dreamtime land and shared with the secrets of their music and dance. He was mesmerized by their magical scorching red land and now brings with him wherever he travels, a little of their dreamtime magic. However for all the travelling, Liam found his musical soul in the dancing voice of the sean nós. The gaeilgeor will close his eyes, and with his head tilted and hair loosely hanging, will loose himself deep in the heart of our home land, a richly musical, place where he is completely at peace.