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At the ripe age of just 25, Luan Parle is about to release her debut album "Free". This young singer songwriter from Wicklow finally takes her show on a road that has taken her from her home town to California and all points between. She has worked and written with Diane Warren, Billy Steinberg, Stephen Lironi and Bill Bottrell as well as touring with the likes of Elton John and James Blunt.

Signed at 12 years old, and booked on the Late Late Show, Luan's first album "First Impressions" could have taken her all the way to Nashville if she'd had pushier parents. "I wanted to go.. but my folks were very clear that my education should come first. I was devestated, but of course they were right".

Sony meant business too, and offered the developing talent time and space with her second recording contract at just 20 years old. Good old fashioned song writing and artist development involving Luan to-ing and fro-ing from Wicklow to London and Los Angeles resulted in a wonderful raw talent, often compared to a young Stevie Nicks, been given time to grow and mature.

Producer and writer Stephen Lironi (Bon Jovi, Black Grape, Hanson) was friendly with manager Derek MacKillop.....they'd known each other from Glasgow in the early 80's when Lironi had written "Don't Talk to Me About Love" for Altered Images and Mackillop had managed Lloyd Cole and the commotions.

Lironi correctly guessed that Derek would know a good thing when he saw it as Mackillop was now managing Elton John, had just signed James Blunt, and was developing Blunt along the same roads as Luan Parle.

Smitten, Mackillop suggested that legendary producer Bill Bottrell be enlisted. Bottrell had co written and produced "Tuesday Night Music Club" for Sheryl Crow, "I Am Shelby Lynne" for Shelby Lynne and "Black and White" for Michael Jackson.

Back in Ireland and London, two summers on, the writing, singing and playing continued with appearances with Elton John at Hammersmith Apollo and two tours with James Blunt... "Luan was great fun to have out on the road with us; she has a fantastic voice and great songs to go with it".

In London Lironi began putting all the pieces of this jigsaw together and the first single "Failed Romances" taken from the album "Free" effortlessly emotes Luan's second chances and failed romances album theme. But if ever there was proof that this unbelievably mature debut was ready to be released then listen to the stripped down voice and piano version of early single "More Then A Ghost".

Absolute proof that this blossoming new talent is ready to step out on the road and play the songs of "Free" to the world.