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Mark Geary was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of eight brothers and sisters raised during a time of extreme political and social upheaval, part of the reason there was a mass exodus of young Irishmen in the late '80s and early '90s. Mark was one of those who emigrated. He moved to New York in search of something and along the way found his musical voice and an audience in venues such as Sin .

Ironically during this period, Mark wrote some of his darkest and extremely vulnerable songs filled with demons such as Gingerman, Volunteer and It beats me. These songs all feature on his self titled first album but alas the record company went under before the album had a chance to find its audience. So it wasn't until 2003 and the release of 33 1/3 Grand Street that Mark could finally bring his music to the table. Over flowing with songs that deserved to heard, Mark did what he knew best and took to the road. It was while on tour that he found inspiration for some new songs that would go on to feature on Marks sophomore album Ghosts released in 2004. The album has now turned Gold and brought him critical acclaim in Ireland and the States.

Billboard Magazine - "Ghosts" is a collection of superb songs delivered with a quiet intensity that will endear itself to listeners"