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The first female vocalist signed by Blue Note Records in 1972, has never strayed far from her jazz roots. A former singer with the Count Basie Orchestra, "she swings with ease and authority, has a mastery of space an timing. . [and] every phrase she utters has a delightfully improvisatory feel,' notes critic Richard Chon. She has the ability to highlight the dramatic possibilities of the simplest lyric. Her sassy, humorous onstage presence is as entertaining as her singing. But despite her long experience, there’s no slickness or pretence in Marlena’s style.  Communicating directly from her heart and soul to yours, her undiminished creative vitality has no artificial ingredients.  Like water -- or a welcome breath of fresh air – Marlena is an all-natural element. - "Marlena Shaw is among the most versatile and charismatic jazz vocalists on the scene today. "