Avalanche Effect + Beard Seeking Missile + Big Red

Cyprus Avenue

Thu 29 Nov 2007 (event has already taken place)
Doors: 9:00 pm

Mike, Parky and Ger were in the Quad. Mike turns to Parky "comere we should start a band", Parky turns to mike slightly amused by the suggestion "oh yea?", mike raises his head off the bar "ya totally,its your round by the way".At this point Ger proclaims "lets think up a name,like".After much more boozing and a pinch of thinking, three possible Names,one per person,were scrawled on a piece of newspaper and passed around the bar and random punters put a tick after their favourite of the three.And the winner?.....BEARD SEEKING MISSILE!.. "yes Boy" Ger exclaims,"Its a quote from black books, like".

"Down to the serious business so" says parky, his interest increasing, "what are we gonna sound like and who do we want in the band", "Sure stoner rock or somethin and well i suppose yourself on lead,me on lead vocals,Ger on Bass and Kev on rythym obviously"says mike in one breath. Parky nods in agreement, "oh kev obviously",knowing well of kevs many musical talents he also knew of the furious D boys blood oath to never launch solo side projects for fear of hearing them some years down the line while in a shopping centre elevator.

The next day,Percussion! The search was on for a drummer that would tame the wild yet exciting sounds the parky-deegan axis were creating.It would indeed have to be a special man capable beating on satans stomach with wooden sticks of destiny! Parky at work turns to guy working at the next cubicle "Hey Antony?" "Yea?" replied Antony, an orchestral drummer in his spare time, "do you fancy joining a stoner rock band?" questioned parky nonchalantly, antony responds with equal vigour "eh.. Yea".

With the Band assembled the writing process took shape Parky and Kev producing the creamy riffs,Ger with the schmoov bass lines,antony thumping the skins with a surgeons accuracy, and mike comin along with melodys and lyrics like a cherry bomb on top a cream pie! Rock!