Coolaboola Christmas: Fight Like Apes + Avalanche Effect+ Fade To Flame

Cyprus Avenue

Thu 27 Dec 2007 (event has already taken place)
Doors: 2:00 pm

Coolaboola Events are back with their annual Coolaboola Christmas all age's gig featuring:

Fight Like Apes

The Avalanche Effect

Fade To Flame

Cyprus Avenue | December 27th | 2pm (all ages!)

Tickets EUR8 / EUR7 with a flier.

This year's gig is going to be jam packed with festive activity (rumour has it that Santa is actually visiting...the real one!).

We'll also be raffling off a big Coolaboola Christmas Hamper full of CD's and merchandise of bands who have played the gigs over the years, as well as lots of other lovely goodies. This is in order to raise money to do a really big gig next year to celebrate 3 years of Coolaboola Events - so please, please support us

Remember, Christmas isn't over until Coolaboola Christmas is over!

Fight Like Apes

They've taken the Irish music scene by storm since the success of their debut E.P. "How Am I Supposed To Kill You If You Have All The Guns?" - and rightly so! Fight Like Apes are a breath of fresh air.

Back from their ArtRocker tour of the UK, with two Meteor Award nominations tucked neatly under their toilet paper headbands, Fight Like Apes will entertain the young indie-viduals of Cork with cracking hits from their highly acclaimed debut EP and it's successor "David Carrodine Is A Bounty Hunter Whose Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch".

Expect all sorts of craziness involving a mish-mash of synths, megaphones and pots and pans.

The Avalanche Effect

In the short time they have been together, The Avalanche Effect (or TAE as they have become affectionately known) have gathered a loyal fanbase. They've just played their first headling gig at Cyprus Avenue and we suspect that it's the first of many. These guys are one to watch!

Fade To Flame

A young pop rock band from Cork who recently took part in Blastbeat Battle of the Bands where they had the crowd chanting their name in no time!