Cranberries Tribute (Performed By The Lizberries)

Cyprus Avenue

Fri 13 Jan 2023
Doors: 7:00 pm

The LIZBERRIES are the Cranberries' International Tribute Band.

They were officially born in Milan in 2010, after a long career that began in 2002 as The Lizards, a melodic rock band with own songs (

The Lizberries propose an accurate and thrilling show, which includes: the best hits of the Cranberries, the most popular songs and the latest hits, even in acoustic version.

The voice, particularly similar to Dolores'one, the sound and faithful attention to details, the long experience on stages as well as the vast repertoire of songs and the great passion for the Cranberries make Lizberries the Cranberries best tribute band.

The Lizberries participated several times at national meetings of the official fan club of The Cranberries and played on prestigious stages in Italy and abroad: in particular they are the pioneers that brought back the songs of The Cranberries in Ireland as tribute (July 2013 tour).

The Lizberries propose two types of repertoire: the first is classic rock, dynamic and exciting, faithful to the original Cranberries' show; the second one is acoustic, more gentle and soft. Usually a gig lasts about an hour and a half and includes the best known songs of The Cranberries.