Cyprus Avenue

Tue 2 Nov 2021 (event has already taken place)
Doors: 7:00 pm

Hausu is a Cork-based collective of friends making, releasing and performing music; in 2021 so far their output ranged from electronic punk to ambient folk, bright radio-ready pop songcraft to a bootleg Rick Ross remix, all happening in home studios and laboured over with the help of some of the city’s most incredible musicians.

Ghostking is Dead entered lockdown on a high note - selling out the launch night of a much-anticipated EP that united disparate influences of jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, electronic production and the Irish singer-songwriter tradition. Earning comparisons to King Krule and Destroyer from the internet’s vaunted music critic Anthony Fantano, his live performance swings from contemplative to explosive and urgent, backed by a killer five-piece.

Arthur Valentine brings his live set to the Cyprus stage in the wake of Splitscreen, an EP that is about as close as we’ll ever get to recording pure sunlight - his alternative R&B glistens with innovative, wholly unique production; drawing from no end of unusual sources of samples and inspirations, with warm, prismatic, harmonised vocals.

Automatic Blue filters the iconic sounds of 90s alternative rock through the lens of contemporary hip-hop and electronic music production, channelling the spirits of Cobain and Kanye in some arcane summoning circle focused on a dodgy cracked VST in Ableton Live on a dying Windows laptop. The Cyprus Avenue gig will come in the aftermath of his second album.

Actualacid, the solo project of Jack Corrigan, thrives in the chaos of the stage; accelerating his trademark psychedelic fuzz with influences as far apart as Memphis hip-hop and analog techno, turning up the intensity with improvised reactive live-coded visuals. Past performances have shown a glimpse at the mania promised by his forthcoming debut LP Boredoms 400.

Neil O’Sullivan-Greene makes his Hausu debut on this lineup; channelling the likes of the Microphones he brings forth a hauntingly beautiful take on lo-fi ambient folk.

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