Cyprus Avenue

Fri 24 May 2024
Doors: 7:00 pm

HousePlants is the exciting full-fledged creative vision of two of Ireland’s most respected artists – Bell X1 frontman Paul Noonan, and innovative atmospheric producer Daithí. Following their 2021 Choice Prize nominated album ‘Dry Goods’, and 2022 EP ‘Seaglass’, the duo return, suited and booted, with a new album coming later this year.

Today they share the first taste of what’s to come, ‘No Pushover’:

“No Pushover, lyrically, is the tale of an outsider, a wannabe insider. I was taken with a story about how Elon Musk and his brother like to talk about The Simulation Argument (that we’re all in a simulation) in the hot tub, and thought - is this the ultimate inner sanctum??” explains Paul.

Official Video -

Paul reflects, “The first record was made in the strangeness of deep dark lockdown, with Daithí and I pinging parts to each other from our respective caves. From this remove I can see how essential an outlet it was for my creativity, my sense of self through that time. There was no long game, we were making the thing for the instant gratification!

So to have toured the record with a great bunch of people and make it work in that way was an unexpected joy, and we want to keep doing that. This time we’ve been in the room together, Daithí and I, flinging paint and making decisions in real time…and a lot of it is informed by the live experience - what we think works and why.”

Daithí adds, “Houseplants has always been about reaching out and connecting, there’s an honesty and rawness to the lyrics, production, and visuals. I think that's what both the band and the audience really connect to, and you see it in full force when we get to play to an audience, There's nothing like it.”