Owen Brady

Cyprus Avenue

Sun 18 Nov 2007 (event has already taken place)
Doors: 9:00 pm

You can tell that Owen Brady has been singing for his supper since he was a nipper. The confidence and the panache when he opens his mouth to sing are all bellwethers of that. He's a singer and a musician who has put in the graft, played all those gigs you're supposed to play when you're paying your dues and came out the other end still in love with the music.

Owen's cool melodies, Charlie Parker licks and Puccini arias were running through his head for years before he recorded his album and now have made their way into the mix to shape the kind of record they really don't make any more. This is not Brady's debut record. By the time he hit his teen years, the Dubliner already had two albums to his credit.

Owen would do every gig he got asked to do provided it sounded fun. Gigs where he'd meet the band for the very first time by the side of the stage, gigs in basement rooms on Tuesday nights where just the staff and a clutch of old soaks at the bar would lend an ear and even gigs in back-rooms in country towns where he'd wonder just what the hell he was doing there.

When you listen to Owen Brady's new album, you can hear for yourself just how well all that grinding has paid off. Recorded in London with Andrew Hale, the producer and keyboard player with Sade and Sweetback who has worked with Corrine Bailey Rae and Burt Bacharach, the album catches Brady taking giant steps.

For Owen Brady, singer, the next chapter is going to be pretty damn good.